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Our product range is continuously evolving as we make improvements to what is already available and additions to what we offer in order to provide a better service to our customers. We believe you should receive the best of what we are able to supply you with now, not what we were limited to a decade ago. This section of our website details our diligent process of monitoring the performance and health and safety standards of our products, and the alterations made to them by our team of dedicated designers and skilled manufacturing workforce. In each instance, these changes have improved the product and this has been confirmed by independent testing organisations.
Chainwheel Sub assembly
In order to monitor the performance of our manually operated roller shutters, we had them independently tested for the amount of force which their chainwheel sub assemblies could withstand.

The initial results showed that 1.25 tonnes of force was required to break the chainwheel sub assembly mounting backplate. This is considerably more than the component would be expected to encounter from human operation, but we had concerns that the accidental involvement of vehicles had the potential to cause issues.

Following the outcome of the tests, we made improvements to the product, as customer safety is of paramount importance to us. An additional strengthening bar was added to the chainwheel sub assembly mounting backplate and the metal compound used was changed, in order to create a sturdier component.

After improvements had been made to the design and manufacturing of the chainwheel sub assembly backplate, we had further tests conducted and the alterations had an extreme impact. The component was able to withstand 2.5 tonnes of force, which was double the amount previously required to break it.

This process of monitoring and improving our products made our manual roller shutters even more safe than they already were and it is therefore something we continue to do across our product range. All manually operated roller shutters now feature our enhanced chainwheel sub assembly backplates.
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