Features and Benefits

0.50W/m2K ‘U’ value for panels

23db Average Sound Reduction Index (SRI) for panels

80mm thick panel upgrade available

Available in a variety of finishes

Rubber seal on all sides

Available in electrical or manual operation

Windows/vision panels available

Variety of safety facilities available

Can be installed to steelwork or masonry

CFC free insulation

Personnel / Wicket Doors available

Cable break safety device

Spring break safety device available
Thermalux Sectional Overhead Door  
Heat loss prevention and sound reduction are the vital attributes of Thermalux Sectional Overhead doors.

The insulating properties of the panels give them a ‘U’ value of 0.50W/m2K and Average Sound Reduction Index (SRI) of 23db, which provides an economic benefit through the reduction of energy loss. This can be improved further through the use of 80mm thick panels instead of the standard 40mm.

Galvanised steel sheets, available in a variety of finishes, are used to form both the interior and exterior skins. The door is also resistant against the elements, due to the seals placed on all four sides.

Various track arrangements are available to suit different requirements and building designs, and whilst the door is ideally suited for installation direct on to structural steelwork, it can also be fitted to masonry. It meets your specific needs further still, as it is available in a range of both electrical and manual operation setups.


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